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Anybody else have to juggle bills with trying to save

18 years ago

I am fairly intelligent about what I should do to assure financial security- problem is I can't be doing what experts suggest unless I start living like a monk. Recently two close friends suddenly died and it got me thinking-(also my husband had suddent heart surgery last year but is doing great) do I really want to sacrifice enjoying life now so I can have money when I retire?

I don't want to be stubid or naive- but I am having trouble keeping 3 months of pay in the savings account and contributing to an IRA. I do put in 10% of my salary, but my husband lost his job last year so we are losing putting his money in. I pay my bills on time and don't charge on charge cards- trying to pay off 5K i still owe. We do have mortgage and car payments - but who doesn't?

I just refuse not to go on vacation so I can put 2 K in an IRA- or if I go over on vacation- i will dip into our small savings.

If an emergency comes up- I guess I will have to borrow from my 401K. And between my son and our money we are paying for his college cash. And yes the experts say i should put more into my retirement than help pay for his college- but it is something I promised we would do

Any thoughts?

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