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Windows 8 Version: Anybody Else Having Trouble Learning It????

9 years ago

(Sigh) The laptop I'm using now, a crummy, old, Acer that's on it's very last legs, has Windows 7 on it. Very much like the last version and one I can easily use and understand. But, like I said, it is barely useable these days (keys missing; very sticky keys; loses power quickly; overheats and shuts down often and with no warning; etc.).

So, for Mother's Day DH gifted me with a wonderful new Toshiba Satellite laptop . . . and I have been struggling to use it's Windows 8 version ever since! I feel so stupid because the apps and screens look so wonderful and the premise for this version sounds great. For me, though, it's been tough to learn and DH is now upset because I keep using this Acer instead. I wonder if there is written or an online version of "Windows 8 For Dummies"? Is this Windows 8 version user-unfriendly or is it just me?

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