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Soy Sauce from China... do you use it?

14 years ago

I mentioned on LindaC's salmon thread that I had been to Hmart this past week, and though I marveled at a lot of the stuff available, I limited my purchases to fresh red bell peppers at the unbelievable price of 0.79/lb, a bottle of roasted black sesame seeds (from California) and a bottle of Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce from China. NOw like everyone else, I have been avoiding any manner of foodstuffs from China and it ocurred to me that I have no idea where I could get a decent domestic soy sauce! Not that we consume large quantities on a regular basis, but it is all part of the whole bad situation.

Do you consume soy sauce from China? If not can you recommend a brand that is good?



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