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What multi vitamin have you really noticed a difference with?

16 years ago

I went to donate blood today, but couldn't because my iron was just a tad too low. So I went to the grocery, thinking I'd buy a vitamin with a bit of iron in it.

The choices are too numerous....vitamins for women, men, over 50, for eye health, heart health, bone health, prostate health, nerve health, etc.

I did some sincere label reading and chose "one a day active", it is higher in the B vitamins, and has a little iron (I don't want too much iron). There was another one a day called "with energy", but I saw it had some herbal in it that I'd not heard of, plus it had caffeine (hence the energy label??)

So my question to all of you is which vitamin has anyone taken, which you can tell makes you feel better, stronger, more vital, etc???

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