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Something to Train For

13 years ago

I hang out on the Garden Junk forum, but just discovered this forum recently. I noticed that there are several people around my age (58), thinking of starting walking, running, etc. I had a very heavy lifting job for years and knew that weight gain would come with retirement, and it did, lol. I've now lost about 12 pounds and am not gaining, but am still probably 30 lbs. overweight. I love walking and still do it and am trying to jog, although it's more like flat footed trotting.

My adult kids found out about the Camp Pendleton Mud Run, which is about 60 miles drive for us and we've done it 4 times over the last couple years. It's a tough, and really dirty 10k, but also a load of fun. I'm no world class jogger. We did it last Saturday, and it took me an hour and forty five minutes this time, seven minutes slower than last time. I placed in the 1700s, out of 2100 runners. My point (finally, lol) is that it motivates me to get off the couch to go train for something. Here's a link to photos, which is posted on the GJ forum conversations side. Linda

Here is a link that might be useful: Mud Run Photos on GJ conversations


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