Broken ankle, Pilates?


Hi, I'm new to this forum. I usually lurk around the gardening forums. I love to garden.

Anyhow... I broke my ankle over Christmas. I am just starting to be hobbling now. Unfortunately, I gained another dress size (and I wasn't doing that hot before the ankle break). I hope to start water aerobics with DH at the local pool in a couple of weeks. I have been cleared by my therapist to be back on my bike again by June. But I was wondering about the Pilates Tapes I keep seeing. It looks like most of the moves are on the floor, which wouldn't hurt the ankle. Some tapes look harder than others.

Any one have an opinion? Thanks in advance

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I like Pilates and yes most of the moves can be done on the floor. It sounds like a good idea to try it, but please check with your doctor or physical therapist. Good luck.

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I feel for you, having been there.
I broke my ankle while shoveling snow back in Jan 2002.
Not to discourage you, but it was a long road to recovery for me (many hours of PT). I still enjoy biking and swimming. But any extended running = pain, ugh!

Anyway, continue with therapy exercises as well. I still wake up stiff (ankle) every morning. Working with the rubber band helps a lot.

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