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Help, help, help. I have been going to aerobic class three times a week for about 12 weeks now. We use hand weights for part of the workout. I have been using 5 lbs weights. Is that too much weight??? Am I going to bulk up instead of tone up???

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5 pounds if fine if you can handle it. I just moved up to three so I am way behind you. Women tone more than bulk. I don't think you have anything to worry about. How does the instructor look?

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Women (at least 99.999%+ of them) don't bulk up. They don't have enough testosterone in their system to fuel the muscle growth. So, unless you're really eating a LOT of protein, using tons of supplements and doing real bodybuilding weight training, you're not going to add much muscle at all (especially, if you're over 30).

The only problem you might run into is some slight joint issues, if the weight is too high for the amount of motion you're doing, but 5 lbs shouldn't be any problem at all.

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