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workout sans weights question

18 years ago

Hi everybody. I've never posted to this forum, but I'm hoping one of you can help. I'm looking for a book or DVD that demonstrates exercises that can be accomplished with resistance from your body only. I don't mean isometrics, I mean using the weight of your body in different positions to accomplish muscle training.

I'm familiar with the obvious ones: push-ups, squats, abdominal floorwork, calf raises. I was hoping to find as many as possible for variety's sake. I do some travelling to places that don't tend to have workout facilities, and I can't take extra weight (as in free-weights) or spare the space for a pump and ball. I'm talking primitive conditions. My tools are usually a floor, a wall, and myself. I can't really even rely on having something barre-like, as in a chair or dresser.

Any ideas? I'm thinking that what I'm looking for is more likely to be in a book than a DVD, fashions being what they are. I know someone will be tempted to come back with yoga as a suggestion. I do it occasionally, but I don't want a continuous routine so much as independent exercises that can be picked and chosen from.

Thanks for any help!

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