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Hi everybody. I've never posted to this forum, but I'm hoping one of you can help. I'm looking for a book or DVD that demonstrates exercises that can be accomplished with resistance from your body only. I don't mean isometrics, I mean using the weight of your body in different positions to accomplish muscle training.

I'm familiar with the obvious ones: push-ups, squats, abdominal floorwork, calf raises. I was hoping to find as many as possible for variety's sake. I do some travelling to places that don't tend to have workout facilities, and I can't take extra weight (as in free-weights) or spare the space for a pump and ball. I'm talking primitive conditions. My tools are usually a floor, a wall, and myself. I can't really even rely on having something barre-like, as in a chair or dresser.

Any ideas? I'm thinking that what I'm looking for is more likely to be in a book than a DVD, fashions being what they are. I know someone will be tempted to come back with yoga as a suggestion. I do it occasionally, but I don't want a continuous routine so much as independent exercises that can be picked and chosen from.

Thanks for any help!

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This isn't either a book or a DVD, but here's a website you may wish to check out if you want to challenge your body with non-weighted workouts:

Here is a link that might be useful: Strength training

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Too many books out there to list. I have some oldie but goodies, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's Exercise book (from the 1980's I think). It has a beginner's section, which covers the range of basic exercises to do before you work up to working out at a gym. I have an old Jane Fonda's workout book. It's excellent. And if you've ever seen any of her exercise tapes, she usu. had a section in her workout tapes (which were aerobics) of floor work.

Don't forget that you can do the same resistance exercises usu. with or without hand weights. So even though a book might have hand weights being used, you can always do them w/o the weights.

Another thought: The U.S. Air Force has a recommended routine. This used to be given to patients by doctors for working out. has a book on this, as well as other floor workout/resistance workout books.

Don't forget about using exercise BANDS. They are perfect for traveling and add resistance.

Any book on Pilates would be good, I would think. I have basic Pilates tapes, and there are a number of the exercises that do not use exercise balls or any equipment at all. A plus is that these are not time consuming.

Good luck!

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Have you tried working out with resistance bands? They are great for stength training and can easily travel with you in your suitcase.

Check out exercise dvd/vhs at Collage Video's. You can watch streaming video's of most workouts they sell. Very reputable business so feel safe ordering from them.

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I have a 1979 book called "Miss Craig's 10- minute-a-day Spot-Reducing program". It is wonderful! Filled with independent exercises that can be picked and chosen from. When I first started doing the excerises, I could see and feel a difference in a couple of weeks. I firmed up and dropped 2 sizes in a month.

The excerises were originally developed to strengthen individual body parts that were weakened by damage do to illness, accident or surgery. They are low impact, easy to do in a limited space, and don't require any weights, mats, or other special equipment.

I think it is out of print now so may be hard to find, but well worth it if you can find it. Maybe search some of the auction sites to find a copy???

Try it, you'll like it... LOL

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