isometrics- do they work?


I have been doing isometric exercises on my way to and from work for the last few months and seeing no results - is it worth my time? I pull the seat belt tight across my tummy so I can feel the contaction, and pull in and tighten my stomach muscles, and hold for a minute or two then relax and start over 10-20 each on my to and from car trip. I also do butt contractions and tightening the butt cheeks.

And in the dark am, I also do eyebrow lifts on my right eye to counteract the after effects from Bells Palsy. On the ride home, I do sitting calf stretches to counteract the effect of wearing heels all day (pushing my heel out and pulling my toes up. Of course I throw a few kegals in too when I get a chance. Sometimes at a traffic light, I will do thigh isometrics, pushing my knee against the door or console and tighening muscles.

Am I just weird or does anyone one else with regular alone time during car travel do weird to try to keep healthy? - lol

Hey - it is dark so I also floss my teeth in the am ride with the disposable brush flossers when no one is near.(I use regular floss at night and follow up the am floss with a spritz of mouthwash which I keep in the car in a small spray bottle)

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well there is a time and place for every exercise...

isometrics do some good and stretching or conracting is great to do... but muscles like to work and that means weights, and more heavy activities such as hiking or what have you...

so it's something, but it's not the whole picture, and then getting some O2 to your lungs, i.e. aerobic exercise is the good exercise for your heart muscle...

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well I am doing treadmill and glider now. was doing weight machines also until recently diagnosed with tennis elbow. never had any muscle pain or results from the weight machines to show they were working either. All I get is sore knees, sore feet, sore ankles and a sore lower back. keep wondering if I will ever fell better after exercizing. now, all I ever feel is worse.

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surfergal. isometrics are great for stabilization. Abdominal isometrics that you do on your way to work are strengthening and stabilizing you trunk and will help you keep your back healthy. Keep it up!
As for your tennis elbow. Stretch your wrist in the downward position and if is really bothering you wear a wrist splint to relieve the irritation of the insertion of your muscles at the lateral epicondyle (medical term for tennis elbow)
Ice following activity. stretch in the morning
good luck
Sandy, PT

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