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isometrics- do they work?

18 years ago

I have been doing isometric exercises on my way to and from work for the last few months and seeing no results - is it worth my time? I pull the seat belt tight across my tummy so I can feel the contaction, and pull in and tighten my stomach muscles, and hold for a minute or two then relax and start over 10-20 each on my to and from car trip. I also do butt contractions and tightening the butt cheeks.

And in the dark am, I also do eyebrow lifts on my right eye to counteract the after effects from Bells Palsy. On the ride home, I do sitting calf stretches to counteract the effect of wearing heels all day (pushing my heel out and pulling my toes up. Of course I throw a few kegals in too when I get a chance. Sometimes at a traffic light, I will do thigh isometrics, pushing my knee against the door or console and tighening muscles.

Am I just weird or does anyone one else with regular alone time during car travel do weird to try to keep healthy? - lol

Hey - it is dark so I also floss my teeth in the am ride with the disposable brush flossers when no one is near.(I use regular floss at night and follow up the am floss with a spritz of mouthwash which I keep in the car in a small spray bottle)

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