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should I worry about putting a treadmill on the second floor?

16 years ago

Hi--We live in both levels of a very sturdy duplex, built in 1929. The house is finished in plaster, which I think may be relevant to the discussion. My husband, who weighs around 220, would like to put a treadmill (Landice L7, top of the line) in our second floor great room. It will sit in a solid place, near the exterior wall and over one of the weight bearing beams. I am very concerned that the continual use of the treadmill may affect the structural integrity of the house, not to mention the plaster walls. To its credit, the Landice L7 seems to be the best in terms of cushioning and weight distribution, but I still remain concerned. Has anyone dealt with this issue, and do you have any suggestions? We really don't have any room on the first floor for the treadmill, and I hate the thought of putting it in the basement.

Thanks for any suggestions/input!

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