Diabetes Information!


Just a few days ago I wrote on the Kitchen Table Forum to let people that have Diabetes write me for information on two Diabetes Forums on the Internet. So far 6 people have ask for them. I just wanted to add this post here too.

In the meantime I came up with the idea, of all that are interested in their diabetes, might be interested in a list I am making with names and email addresses of just diabetics. I will just send out information that I learn and also let all know how I am doing with my diabetes 2 condition.

Also, we each can keep a group "list" with all our email addresses in our addess book and each of us that learns something new can share how they are handling the disease. We can help each other. We will call it "Diabetes Learn and Share"

If anyone is interested and wants to be on the list and participate please write me personally. I am learning things every day. I know some of you know a lot more than I do and have valuable info to share. I have only had my Diabetes for 4 months. I need help, especially with the cooking too......smile!


Betty in Florida

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just fyi, The "transitions" diet post here sent me searching out low glycemic diets which say they control diabetes - hth - sounds interesting, but I would not buy the diet foods they sell

Here is a link that might be useful: low glycemic diet link

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