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Home automation/audio/security help

9 years ago

Building a new home and trying to make sure we want to get everything close to how we want it. We have gotten two quotes from different companies for home automation/security/audio, etc. One company uses Control4, the other uses a combination of Bitwise with Elk Security. I have a few things I'm trying to get figured out.

1) How many speakers do we need? We want to do whole house audio and one of the bids has 2 speakers in every room. The rooms aren't huge�average is probably 12 X 15. Do we really need 2 speakers in every room?

2) Anyone have an opinion about which home automation system is better between Control4 and Bitwise?

3) One has recommended running 3 Cat6 cables to each TV. Any reason why I need three per TV?

4) One has recommended a Luxul commercial grade wireless access point that costs $735. That seems a bit nuts for a 3500 square foot house.

I'm sure I will have more questions, but that's all for now. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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