How to exercise with a foot injury?


I injured my foot playing soccer and horse back riding and am un able to walk or put any form of weight on my foot for 9 long weeks. Does anyone know of some good exercises I can do until I can walk again??

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When I was laid up for lots longer than 9 weeks, I got a couple videos called "chair aerobics." They were kind of corny, but it kept me moving. I think one was Jodi Stolove's Chair Dancing.

Of course, if you are walking on crutches, that's quite strenuous in itself. Great for upper body, shoulders.

Do you have hand weights? You can sit in a chair and use them. Google "chair exercises" and a few things come up.

Sorry you are hurt. Nine weeks is quite a while. Take care.

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If you do not have any wounds - no incisions in the foot - you can swim.

Also, many exercises can be done lying down: leg lifts, situps, some yoga.

Weight machine or hand weights work for the upper body.

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Some stationary bikes provide for both foot pedals and moving handle bars, so you can get a really good aerobic workout by working both your legs and arms. The Schwinn Airdyne Bike is one example of that type. Your can get a pretty good aerobic workout just pushing the handle bars without using the foot pedals, provided you can comfortable rest your feet on the foot rests. Some people with bad knees use the bike that way.

Schwinn bikes or other similar types are often available in fitness centers, or in physical rehab centers, or you may be able to rent one for a few weeks. They cost about $500, and are worth it, but only after you have tried one and know it's right for you.

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I have leg injury for motorcycle crash 6 mos ago. As my leg started to recover, I used stationary bikes where I lie on my back and move my legs like I was riding a bike. Also on my back, I lift one leg at a time as high as I can, do this about 15 times per leg. Next, I lift my leg at the hip, bending my knee, straighten it out and repeat about 15 times.

Here is a link that might be useful: stationary bike

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I know you are probably well by now, but for those reading and hurt swimming is a great exercise that is low impact and does not put weight on the foot. You will need to hold on to the side or stand on one foot, however your buoyancy will help hold you up naturally.
Don't do an intense kick either but take it slow and concentrate on your posture in the water and your arms. You can do a light flutter kick and still get the same result.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swimming Lessons

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