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Blu-ray & DVD comparisions

14 years ago

Prior to selecting any Blu-ray or DVD player carefully consider the company support. It may be the most important decision you make in your selection process.

Samsung support is extremely inept and unreliable.

My Story.

December 2007 purchased Samsung BD-UP5000. Several weeks later the video would freeze and audio track would continue.

Returned to Samsung and "repaired"

Two weeks later the same problem.

Returned to Samsung and a week after UPS tracking noted delivery I called and they informed me they were unable to repair the unit and would replace it.

A few days later they admitted they could not replace the unit and would have to substitute an exchange unit. On 8-15-2008 offered me a lesser unit in exchange which would play Blu-ray but not HD. Having no choice I accepted

Despite innumerable e-mails and telephone calls I am 42 days since that exchange was accepted.

Promises "The unit will ship in two days", "The unit will ship in 7 to 10 days We are very busy" , " The unit will ship Thursday or Friday at the latest", "The unit will ship today", "The unit will ship this afternoon" Of course none of these were kept.

More Promises "I will e-mail my superior today and he will be in touch with you", "I will call you back shortly", "I will have your tech call you today", "The unit will ship this afternoon". I had heard this one so many times I asked him how he knew it would ship today when no one else seemed to have that information. He said he was looking at a computer screen which showed that it was ready for shipment" Everyone I have spoken to previously said they were unable to get any such information, there was nothing that anyone could do, there was no one else I could talk to, and I would just have to wait.

One honest technician even told me he had no idea when it would ship, he knew of no one who did know when it would ship, and there was no one else I could speak to.

Finally on the 41st day I have been informed that the exchange unit shipped on September 13.

No tracking number was furnished and the repair site still lists the article as unshipped.

All I can do is wait.

Beware Samsung!

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