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California Surcie Box with a Living Surprise in it!

14 years ago

Guess who jumped out the box!

I would list all the surcies but you may not read the entire thread if I did that. Just know that it took me an hour to open the box. Jessica should go to work for the postal service! She can really pack a box. We will be enjoying all for a very long time!

The family had been in New Orleans and gleaned a few beads from the Big Easy! Notice the Boa...Jessica's fav color!

Yep, Jessica and family arrived a few days after Christmas and stayed with us for a few nights. We really had a nice visit and it seems that Charles and Jessica's DH hit it off just like Jessica and I have. Her children are a joy to be around. I must say that I miss the exchanges that teenagers have in a home. They were so much fun and filled the house with excitement. Jessica and DH, you have raised young men that will be great adults. I have to warn you that I didn't get many pictures. Jessica has more than I do.

The night they arrived I prepared Arley's No Peek Lamb (OMG good) along with a cold broccoli salad, rosemary potatoes, bread and a New Orleans Praline Pie for dessert.

The next day, we took off on a road trip, after a breakfast of Huevos Rancheros. We drove to see the wet lands and the community (Cameron Parish) that was hardest hit by Hurricane Rita. The re-building is just beginning to start after 4 years. I think Jessica and her family got the idea of how Cajuns live their life through fishing and hunting. We had a quick lunch of catfish poboys, smoked brisket poboys and I had my usual hamburger. Jessica's DH also had some chicken and bleeping gumbo! I then took them to our historical district and to the Mardi Gras museum. We have the second largest Mardi Gras in the state so the costumes in the museum are a delight to see. After a long day on the road we decided to take the family to a semi Mediterranean restaurant where all could choose anything from steak to fish and duck. Jessica has pictures of the food from that dinner. After dinner we came home to enjoy a very special bottle of Ice Wine that I have been saving, from one of our very own CFers :-)


My daughter, Carey, arrived with my Maggie that evening and Jessica hit it off with Maggie. Also, her boys got a lesson on how little girls like to show off and talk! LOL!

Maggie asked me the next day where her new friend was. "You know Bubbe, that lady that looked at Christmas ornaments with me.

And where are the boys"! LOL! She now has a picture of the family that she will remember them by. Jessica and her family brought Maggie a great surprise! 5 California T-Shirts!

Maggie was psyched, especially by the pink sparkly one.

The next morning I prepared Gouda Grits and scrambled eggs. We took pictures and then they left to go back to New Orleans. I was sorry to see them go. We enjoyed each other tremendously and I can't wait to meet again with her family. Very special people that live to darned far away! Oh well, that just means that Charles and I have to go to California. Ho hum! LOL!

Oh, also we had to write a special note to Fed-X to let one of the boys accept a box of alcohol! LOL! We came home just in time to receive the box of wine that Jessica and DH had shipped to us. I need to go find that picture.

Jessica has lots of photos of this very special visit and the time they spent in New Orleans.

Jessica and family, please come back! We enjoyed you guys so much.

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