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Need Ideas on How to Repair My Tiny Tears Doll, Please

9 years ago

This is my first time on this forum, although I'm a regular over on the Decorating Forum. I could really use some advice. My beloved 11" original Tiny Tears doll's left arm has broken off at the elbow from material fatigue.

I can't seem to locate a place to buy a replacement arm and am wondering it I can somehow repair it myself.
I have 3 ideas at the moment. Do any of them sound doable to you?

1) Glue it with some yet unknown glue that will adhere to the rubber the doll's body is made out of . . . and dry clear.
2) Head to Hobby Lobby (or ?) to find some kind of soft polymer or clay that I can stuff inside the broken upper arm,forming a tube of it that I can then slide the broken forearm over and glue on. It would have to be something that would dry without baking.
3) Or, a polymer that does need baking. I could form a tube of it that would fit into the upper and lower arm. Bake the tube. Slide it into the upper arm using some kind of glue, and then slide the lower arm onto the bottom half of it.
I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas. I'm not looking to keep my doll in pristine condition, I'd just like to keep her whole for me to enjoy seeing her sitting on a display shelf. Or, if you know of a place online where I could buy a replacement arm, I'd love it.


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