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Rebuilding after House Fire

17 years ago


I am considering the purchase of a small New England home that had an interior fire, and which has been unoccupied for about 20 years. (I'm not entirely's on a wonderful wooded property with a creek, several acres, and I can garden!)

The house will require new walls, windows, roof, and updated kitchen and bath. The foundation and oak flooring appear to be salvageable, as is the exterior siding (for now). I'd like to add an addition in the back with a family room and extra bedroom. I will, of course, hire an inspector/engineer before this purchase.

My question, to those of you who have experienced renovating such a house, is: what are the things to look for in the rehab? What changes did you find necessary once the rebuild began? What advice in general would you offer?

I'd like to think this through, and plan accordingly, before I make this major purchase.

Thank you much!


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