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2007 recipes, the year in review

16 years ago

What new recipes did you try in 2007?

I tried several new ones over the past year, some of them very, very good, others not so.

Here are some of the keepers:

Fresh Salmon Cakes (Marilyn)

Spanikopita (Sharon)


Asiago, Potato and Bacon Gratin (Nancy)

Winter Salad

Bloody Mary Shrimp

Roasted Vegetable Tart

Apple Walnut Cobbler

Southern Belle Bars

As for the flops, I usually just toss the recipe so I don't attempt it again. So I don't remember all of them, but here are some I recall:

Smoked Sausage, Butternut Squash & Wild Rice Soup (Emeril)

I think I can play with this one and make it better so I saved it

Chocolate & Orange Marble Cookies

Not very flavorful

Vanilla Biscuits


Pralines 'n Cream Muffins

these were good warm, but very dry once cooled

So....what are your memorable recipes of the past year?


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