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Viking Range beware poor quality

15 years ago

I"ve posted my grievances with my viking VGIC3654QSS here before, the quality is really a joke. Seriously don't consider Viking if you want to actually cook because it will fail. If you just want to look at it and not cook I'd be leery too because the black lettering comes off with normal cleaning.

My oven is not working again. Another oven burner with a giant hole in it. This is the second time the oven burner has had to be replaced. Parts alone will run $210. Obviously a design flaw.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a 36" gas range that is just made well and just cooks like it should? This viking is just ridiculous.

I called for service, the repair service said just to order my own parts since I know what I need. While googling for parts, I found the following entry, pretty much describes my situation:

Tim of Glenwood Springs CO (11/26/08)

A few days before Thanksgiving we discovered (gas smell while oven was lighting) a similar problem to the person who had igniters that were lighting but only one burner tube working. What we were told by the appliance technician who came out to inspect the range was that the igniters burned a hole in the side of the burner tube on one side which caused the gas/air mixture to not flow properly. The solution was to replace the igniters and burn tubes at a cost of roughly $300.

In addition, we were told that this situation creates the potential for unburned gas to build up in the oven which could cause an explosion that might blow the oven door off, or worse! Nice...that would make for an interesting Thanksgiving experience!! We were also told that there is no real fix for this design flaw so even after replacing the igniters/burner tubes the problem would probabaly recur.

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