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Blue Star: Brass Trim/Back Splash Yes or No

16 years ago

My wife cooks a lot with woks and based on too many hours spent reading this site, we'll be installing two Blue Star Ranges; one 36" RNB and a 24" RNB side by side. The 36" unit will have the griddle. Stainless Steel finish. New home construction. Already plumbed/etc. for the specified models. Questions:

1) I've seen the brass trim on Blue Star's website of a brass trim option on their french top model. I can't find any other information about it. Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay extra for this option or if it is even available on all models?

2) I plan to have granite or tile on the wall behind the ranges. Is there any advantage to having the 8" optional backsplash too?

Thanks in advance for your great input. (and Guadalupe, if you're out there, thanks)


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