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Conflict of wireless connections?

11 years ago

Toshiba netbook NB205
Windows XP SP3 kept updated
Firefox is primary browser addons/plugins kept updated
Opera and Chrome used occasionally, IE rarely
Win SE antivirus
Cable broadband w/Netgear wireless router used at home

This computer came loaded with ConfigFree to manage network connections. My system tray always has double icons showing connection status - 2 for local (cable unplugged), 2 for wireless. I'm assuming one set represents ConfigFree, and one represents Windows. I frequently lose my connection and have to repair. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. I use ConfigFree, and if that doesn't work, I let Windows configure it. Sometimes rebooting helps, sometimes not. Pages often load very slowly or timeout. I often get "nonresponsive script" messages with Gmail, which I blame on slow response.

When these things happen I've found there are plenty of CPU resources available. My C drive has 114GB free space. One thing I've noticed is that when the fan comes on, things speed up. (Don't know which comes first, of course.)

I'd love to blame this on my DH's online gaming sucking up bandwidth, but alas, it happens when he's not playing, too.

I periodically run Ccleaner which doesn't seem to help.

My main question for this post is: How should I be using ConfigFree and/or Windows to manage my network connections?

Maybe I should just get a new computer? ;)

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