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Contracts.. Who did you have review and anything you would add...

7 years ago

So this is a two part question..

1) For your contract with your builder/general contractor.. Who, if anyone, did you have review the contract prior to signing?

2) What would you have specifically added to the contract?

We just got our contract and it looks straight forward.. The contract states a specific price and refers to a separate document for specific allowances and/or work to be done and just says it is all to be done in accordance with codes and laws.. It also states things that are not included in the price like landscaping, permits, engineering fees,etc.. Gives a payment schedule, however builder said they give this as banks require it but they will do it according to the banks payouts.. The only area I see where it talks about more money is if there are items encountered that are concealed or uknown.. For example hitting rock when digging..

The only responsibilities on my end (as per the contract) are to have property insurance for value of the project..

I am trying to see if there is anything specific I should have added in to the contract.. It looks pretty straight forward.. I am going to have a lawyer review it that deals with these types of things, but just wanted to see if there was any advice from those who have gone through this..

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