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Wait till you see my swap box items from Nancy!

15 years ago

The timing on this box was perfect. I've had a rotten two days and this box has lifted my spirits on high!

I saw the UPS man pull into the driveway...I ran to the back door only to see a huge gash in the side of the box and peanuts flying EVERYWHERE. I made him wait till I opened the box to make sure things where OK in the box. LOL!

This is what I found.


First I'd like to say that everything was wrapped so nicely in a beautiful heavy made foil paper. Very nice! I opened Nancy's choice first. Can you believe it? I love cherry anything and I certainly have enough to make it through winter this year...and the Maple Cream is to die for! I like every single one of the yummy jars! I do have toast almost every morning so I'm looking forward to the tasting test! The last time I had American Spoon Maple Cream was when we were all at Canny Camp.


Paper/Textiles was next to be opened. Flo Braker's book on "Baking for all Occasions". A beautiful book with some wonderful recipes. I forgot to take pictures of some of the beautiful pictures on the inside. Such a pretty book. I'll enjoy reading this one like a novel.


Next came Pottery/stainless...and lookie what I got! I'm just knowing that you are all jealous. Isn't this a beautiful piece of pottery. I don't have anything like this with a lip on it. The size is perfect! This is a piece of Otis Pottery. The kiln is a down draft kiln so the deposit of ashes show along the edges of their work.

Nancy,Thank you so very much for taking the time to choose the items that you did. They are all exactly perfect! You have lifted my spirits and I will think of you everytime I use the cookbook and pottery.


This is everything together. I might add that Nancy sent a sweet note along with this package for me! Oh, I almost forgot. No Nancy, you can not have it back! LOL!


Here is a link that might be useful: Otis pottery

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