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let's talk coffee- stovetop espresso makers specifically

18 years ago

Who's got what?

I have the traditional Italian demitasse pot (where the boiling water filters through the grounds producing coffee in the pot below) and a beautiful Guzzini espresso pot that makes perfectly adequate espresso in the usual water on the bottom & forced upward through the grounds producing coffee in the top of the pot. I also have some unidentified contraption that has a knob on top & an electrical cord of dubious age & integrity but I have no idea what it's supposed to do & am certainly not plugging it in!

But as I mentioned in an earlier thread I've become infatuated with the Bialetti Mukka stovetop cappucino maker & as a result have started looking at the other pots that Bialetti offers. In a step up from the traditional stovetop espresso pot they make something called the Brikka that actually produces crema on the espresso due to Bialetti's patented valve. The Guzzini is beautiful but it's a little temperamental. The Brikka is calling to me with it's simplicity & it's promise of crema.

I love black coffee & all of it's trappings. Maybe it was a result of growing up in an Italian household with the ever present pot of demitasse (always demitasse) on the table, maybe it's the line up of things that you can add to the coffee so that every cup is different, maybe it's just the tiny cups that it gets served in.

So what do you brew in?


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