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WANTED: Two outta three!!

17 years ago

My (first) box is here!!

It actually arrived last Friday, but I have been really busy all weekend and am just now able to post.

Maria was my partner and she must have sent spies!!

Everything is perfect!

First here's the box:


There's a card on top that says to read last.

Then my wrapped gifts. So far, all I can see is the awesome fruit chutney!


Here's a closeup:


Then I opened the smaller squishy package and found 2 beautiful hand knitted dish cloths that perfectly match my decor.


Here's a couple of shots of my dining room curtains and a pillow on my couch.



Next I opened the BIG box and found a delicious looking Italian cake called Panettone.


Here's everything together:


The very sweet card was to let me know that the cookbook willl arrive separately from the book seller.

Maria had a wonderful theme:

"Things her Nonna would have made"

I love it all and am honored that you wanted to share some of your Italian heritage. I am anxiously awaiting the cookbook..........

I did see your post on the other thread today that you had to make a second choice. Based on all these goodies, I know I'm gonna love it!

And just so you know.......I HAD to make a pork roast so we could try the is absolutely delicious!!!

There's a little left, so we'll be having chicken sometime this week.....or maybe it'll just go on my leftover turkey sandwich!! Yummmmmmmmmm.

Haven't tried the cake yet, but probably will serve it for Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much, Maria! I am happy you were my very first swap partner!


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