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Two or three coats?

9 years ago

I updated in another thread that this GF gel stain was really easy to work with. I kind of take that back. It's going to bug someone who leans toward the perfectionist side. If you want it completely, factory finish, even be prepared to go really dark or hire someone.

This is coat #2 and I really like the color, but can't seem to decide if I'm ok with the unevenness. I'm over analyzing. Once that top coat goes on I know it's staying like that unless I paint someday. I did do sample boards, but small sections are easier to work with (stain evenly) and it's just not the same as a door.

Not so bad here. Pot was do it didn't fall.
Same door.


I do think it looks better IRL than in photos.
This was my inspiration photo (they used the same stain) and they used two coats. You can see the upper cabinets aren't completely even.

Here's her island.

I'm pretty sure I don't want it to be opaque and look like paint. This person used the same stain and I'm not really digging this look for myself; at least not in photos. She never stated how many coats, but at the beginning of her thread she showed an in progress photo and said she had planned on doing one or two more coats. My guess is that she used 4.

I've had a few people tell me they like the current color and wouldn't add anymore. DH and I just aren't sure. I guess I'm going to add a third coat to the back of a door and see.

The cabinets are oak and I'm not trying to fool anyone to thinking they're cherry so I'd still like to see the grain. Changing the color to better work with my cabinets, counters, and personality was my goal.

The kitchen is pretty dark, but we're going to add additional can lighting so that will change. I like the two coats better certain times of the day than others.


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