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Windows Smartphone, Email and Cortana?

8 years ago

I don't even know if this question is too specialized for here. I just got a Nokia Lumia 520 smart phone. It is a 'Windows phone' and I see it looks and acts like my Win8.1 computer. I'm using it on Consumer Cellular and it works on their att network, but not a specific phone they support so can't get their help. It basically works fine BUT.....

I see that it has a seri like system called 'Cortana' that runs on the phone's Win8.1 system. My phone came with Win8. I had auto update search on and the phone told me to update to win 8.1. It installed. I received a message to learn about Cortana and turn it on from a 'settings' 'applications' and on to Cortana to turn it on, but it wasn't there. On google I see a few questions on this problem, but not big apparently. Does anyone even know about Windows phones?

I have a second question that may be related. I had set up a 'microsoft account' using my main (only really) email name with my win8 netbook and have now linked it to the smartphone. The netbook is using 'incredimail' for my email. I am using Outlook for mail with my old original POP settings on my main Desktop computer. I thought maybe that Cortana needed my email before it would work, so I tried to setup mail on the smartphone. Settings saw my 'microsoft account' and I thought since it knew my email it perhaps could read it directly. Anyway, it gave me a message that 'hotmail' had my account or password and so I couldn't use the Microsoft password. I don't know how mail or the Microsoft account is confused on this or how Hotmail (never used) is involved. I think I also tried to set 'outlook' as an option.

I suspect this is too esoteric, but if anyone has general understanding of mail, Microsoft accounts, or Cortana and Windows Phones, I would appreciate it.

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