I hate it!! Hate!! Hate! I want my old page back!!

10 years ago

Ok, I got my 'pointer' back...

Now, for some reason my homepage changed- I forgot how the top of the page is loaded- through the web browser or some way else... I used to have 'file', 'edit' 'view''tools', 'help' at the top left. Just below that was 'favorites'. At top right was either Yahoo/Google space where I could enter what I wanted to search for- now it is gone!! Now I have 'tablike' pages- they look like index cards! I tried to do a backup/restore to earlier date, but after 6 hours it still showed 'initializing restore in progress', so I called a local Geek and he said if it had not restored in 6 hours it wasn't going to. How do I figure out which 'top page setting' that I had? Thanks Geezzzz I like the old stuff...

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