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farm family floor plan

15 years ago

I am looking for functional floor plans suited to farm living. Prefer walkout rambler with character. I have "googled" with every combination of terms I can think of and have not come up with floor plans designed specifically for farm families. I have looked at many plans, but none are close to what I am looking for.

We would like to have a separate mudroom, laundry room and office located together. We no longer raise animals, so that does eliminate the "odor" factor, but we still have the grease and grime of machinery and field work. We may live on a farm, but we try to leave the dirt outside. No shoes in the house and we change clothes when we come inside. The open face lockers in our current mudroom work great for quick changes. I would like the master bedroom and master bath in that same area along with a second full bath for my husband. We will have a half-bath in the shop, so this one will not need to be directly accessible from the garage. I am open to see what has worked for other farm families as well. If you wish to read further, I will share what I have done with our current home.

I created the floor plan for our current home to match the way our family lives. It has worked out great and I would be happy to live here the rest of my life. However, we have found it necessary to move to a new location. There is much about our current floor plan that I will want to duplicate, but would like to enhance and pay more attention to the outside appearance. I would like to work in some unique features and include a screened porch or 4-season porch, covered front porch or covered deck. Since we need to go through the hassle of building, we want it to look different but function as well as our present home. With our current house, we were concerned about getting the living spaces right and saved money by keeping a simple roof line and eight foot ceilings (except for vaulted area over dining and living room area).

Currently, we have a private area of the house that some visitors do not usually see. It is sort of a "service hallway" around a corner. This area includes large mud room, large laundry room, office, full bath and walk-in closet for my husband. At the end of that hall is the master bedroom with my walk-in closet, full walk-through bath with whirlpool tub which is my bathroom and also used by visitors.

Our garage also has a another door into our foyer which is close to the kitchen. Delivering groceries is a breeze. We also have a cement staircase going down to the basement utility room in the garage. This works great for delivering softener salt and maintenance. In the basement we have two additional bedrooms, bathroom, family room and lots of storage.

I would appreciate your suggestions and resourse connections in planning our next home.



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