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lynnalexandra won't play - can't fix - adblock? plugin needed?

13 years ago

It's been months since I used and decided to play it. I got a message that said it wouldn't play - possibly adblock was blocking it or I needed a flash plugin. (I use Windows XP home,and the latest Firefox browser).

I tried adding last fm as an exception to adblock plus - but I'm not sure I did it correctly. I typed the exception as @@: It still wouldn't play. So I don't know if I did this exception correctly or not - or if there was another problem.

Then I tried looking at flash plugins. I didn't seem to have one already installed in firefox. Which one should I get. There seem to be ones for adobe, java, realplayer, shockwave, windows media player. Checking with plugin doc here: - just made me realize I'm in over my head and need help. Instead of randomly installing plugins, I thought I'd ask for help as to which one/ones I need.

And this is a bit confusing bc. worked when I last played it. I suspect this is bc. I opened FF in safe mode yesterday to determine which addons were conflicting with my Colorful Tabs and AIOS. So I am guessing that I disabled whatever plugin I had before that was allowing it to work - but I don't know what I had before. I think this is more likely the problem than adblock plus - since I had adblock plus running before - and I think it was running when I last played



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