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WANTED: What do you drink and not drink?

16 years ago

I sent Renée some cherry soda in the last swap (It might have been Cherry cream soda - I'm not sure), but I think she liked that very much and was unable to get it where she is.

Anyway, I thought it might be good to say here what you drink, what you would like to drink, and what you don't drink.

I will start by saying that I do not drink coffee - not that I don't like it, but that my stomach does not. Sabrina (Ryder) sent me some blueberry juice in a swap, which I loved, and I have since found it at the Lebanese market. I drink mostly roasted green tea, one cup in the morning, and I sometimes have afternoon tea, which is usually Fancy Keemun that I have to buy at a local coffee supply shop. I don't drink cola and prefer fruit flavored sodas - and so I always have diet grapefruit soda or ginger ale on hand. I tend to avoid sugar in my drinks. Of course I don't drink milk either. If I have a dessert liqueur, it is usually Cointreau, Amaretto, or Frangelico. I also have sarsaparilla tea, which I drink on rare occasions.


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  • debbie814
    16 years ago

    I'm easy. Water and wine. Any wine.

  • traceys
    16 years ago

    I drink coffee and tea in the morning. I bought a pod coffeemaker and have been using that. The coffee is pretty good. Not as good as the French Press but it will do. I drink one cup of tea, usually Typhoo. Not into flavored tea or coffee.

    The rest of the day it's water. I do like wine. My favorite is pinot grigio but I have been trying other things including some reds.


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  • susie_que
    16 years ago

    Tea for me...just about any kind. I like to keep an assortment on hand.
    Diet soda-my guilty pleasure but I've been trying to cut back to one a day.
    I recently discovered that I like gatoraide purple rain (I like Prince too LOL)
    We are big into a machine for Christmas and its getting a real workout in this weather.

    Alcohol is something I should avoid as I have alkies in the family. I do have something on a Friday night....perhaps a rum and coke or anything with a jigger of vodka. I Generally just look for something on sale being on a budget and all that.

    Its mostly water with lemon during the day and every once in a while I'll have V8.


  • brenda55
    16 years ago

    We like wines, all varieties. I don't drink coffee, I like tea (hot and iced). Latest party pleaser was/is Zima Hard Black Cherry served with ginger ale, very refreshing


  • lowspark
    16 years ago

    I don't drink:
    -carbonated drinks

    I do drink
    -a LOT of iced tea, but I don't like flavors except mint
    -wine - red or white
    -alcoholic drinks - my new fave is cosmopolitans. I like vodka, gin or rum but not scotch or bourbon. I drink frozen margaritas only when it's the drink du jour (meaning it's THE drink being served).

  • ziporion
    16 years ago

    dlundin, thanks for the tip, I haven't tried Ardbeg, but I'll look out for it.

  • mer4205
    16 years ago

    Coffee drinker here. Love herbal or green tea in the afternoon...the SIL gave us a hot water push pot. This thing is fantastic as we have really hot water on demand for tea at any-time! Love sparking mineral water. Rarely drink soda(pop) but sometimes put a splash of fruit juice in my Pellegrino. -maria

  • trixietx
    16 years ago

    Coffee, only in the morning.

    Iced tea, drink it all day, just plain Lipton, unsweetened with a good squeeze of lime or lemon, or water, with a good squeeze of lime or lemon, I prefer lime in both.

    After five, bourbon with diet coke, margarita on the rocks, wine on occasion and love those after dinner shots that they serve on cruise ships. I have bought a lot of liquor intending to fix one of those after dinner shots and still haven't done it, one of these days,

  • stacy3
    16 years ago

    I drink coffee but it's half caff - only for the wake up quality, cuz I don't really love it. I love, love, love chai. and love love love dry red wine. I like loose teas - have a strainer and a tea ball and like to try lots of different varieties of green teas or other "healthy" stuff.

    No pop (soda - lol!Chances mom - saw that ! - I say pop, also!) - except if I have a hang over - then I really want a pepsi...

    I don't like sweetened things.


  • Tikanas2
    16 years ago

    I like strong coffee, no flavors here. I grind my own beans.
    Nancy, I am dying to here about the other vices: )

    I like seltzer with a slice of lemon. I drink that and plain water all day long.I avoid soda pop like the plague!
    I am SO up for trying new things!


  • sunnyco
    16 years ago

    Mostly water, but it never seems like I drink enough of it.

    I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell. My DH drinks it, and I inhale.

    I like some sodas, but not grape, or orange (which I got sick on in combo with sloppy joes when I was a kid and to this day can not eat or drink either). I don't really drink much soda, but there are some things I like to have one with, so I tend to hoard one or two in the back of the fridge. I like cream soda and root beer a lot.

    I drink green tea on occasion, but so rarely that I usually end up having to compost half of the pack. I don't do well with caffeine and save it's use for oncoming migraines, staying up late or when I have a test and am feeling brain-sluggish.

    I drink some fruit juices on occasion. And I love lemonade.

    I don't do any artifical sweeteners, and I have been getting really aggravated at how the sodas almost all have high fructose corn syrup in them.

    I like amaretto, and some other things but I can't remember what they are. I would avoid mailing alcohol though, unless you are really familiar with all the rules. I know there are postal rules about it.

  • susan_in_nc
    16 years ago

    Coffee straight up in the morning, splenda and milk (or 1/2 and 1/2) if later in the day.
    Some sodas, but the carbonation really gives me the burps, which of course always entertained my kids. I enjoy wine, all types except Champagne.
    Years ago I introduced DH to scotch. Until his operation we kept a nice bottle (Glenlivet) in the fridge, so we didn't need to add ice and dilute it. However, I never have more than one or two hard drinks on special occasions. The wine is a different animal my DD and her BF are starting to learn to appreciate a nice glass, and I enjoy sharing.
    I have also been known to take my blender on vacation to make some of those frozen concoctions that help me along (or what ever the lyric says!) DD still laughs about when I got her best friend's mom (a very proper lady) toasted on vacation.


  • lakeguy35
    16 years ago

    Another water fan here! Have to have coffee in the morning, black, no flavors please. Iced tea, no sugar or lemon. I still love a big glass of milk with certain meals or desserts. Alcoholic beverages, Crown Royal and cheap beer would top the list. LOL! Have to have a Coke or Dr. Pepper with pizza or popcorn, just seems natural for me. Love Rootbeer, but it has to be in a frosted mug....preferably on a hot day and at a drive-in or walk up place. I like most fruit juices but plain old water is my favorite for taking care of my thirst.


  • annie1992
    16 years ago

    I'm surprised at how many people here have problems with their stomach from drinking coffee, I thought it was just me! I like coffee so every now and then I take double Prevacid and have a cup of caramel mocha, but not often.

    Mostly I drink tea, my favorite is Twining's Irish Breakfast but at work I drink Lipton or whatever is available. Readinglady sent me some Whittard's and it was pretty good, I'm always up for trying a new brand. I use loose at home, but will happily use whatever I can find, whether loose or bags. I like black tea, I don't care for green tea or flavored tea or herb tea except an occasional cup of mint. I drink it hot or iced, no sugar, no lemon, no milk. Just black tea, and make it strong.

    I don't like wine or beer, and the last time I had a drink was at the Babes and Beefcake get together last year when Michael provided a ceremonial shot of Glenlivet. Too many years of owning a bar, I guess, and it kind of took the fun out of drinking. A million years ago in that other life I drank tall screwdrivers or fruit based drinks but I've always been a wuss and drank them weak, lots of juice and half a shot of booze. I've never found an alcohol I really liked a lot and I had access to a LOT of kinds but occasionally I'll try a new one.

    I drink Diet Coke and only Coke, don't try to pass off a Pepsi. Here we call it "pop" too. I'd rather have a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon, though, and I like the fruit flavored "sparkling water".

    I drink lots of milk, farm girl that I am. It's skim now, because of the fat content and my cholesterol. I also have been forbidden to drink grapefruit juice because of the cholesterol medication. I do press my own cider from my own apples and that's nice in the winter, warm and spiced.


  • granjan
    16 years ago

    Strong unflavored coffee with low fat milk, or a cappuccino in the am. Decaf after noon. Never teas, they make my tongue curl!

    Champagne or CA sparkling wine any time of day! Unoaked white wine, Sancerre is my favorite. Low tannin red wines, Zinfadel is current fav. Interesting beers, especially Belguim ones. Sierra Nevada for my domestic fav. Herby aperitifs that aren't TOO bitter, Lillet Blonde and Dubonnet. Whiskeys, Irish and aged bourbons, NOT scotch. Vodka only as a mixer. Tequilas, 100 percent agaves. No scotch, no frozen drinks and nothing very sweet unless it's a post dinner liqueur but I'd prefer a cognac. Love the new cocktail craze but not really sweet ones. Sidecars are a current love.

    Other than alcohol I don't drink anything with calories. (Well once in a while I have fresh squeezed OJ especially blood orange juice.) Diet cola, root beers and I make my own lemon and limeades with Splenda. Love mineral waters with small bubbles, Apollinaris is my usual one. Yep, I'm picky.

  • sheshebop
    16 years ago

    I guess I should mention that I also drink water ALL the Time, and always have a tall glass of ice water beside me, which is replenished often. On the rare occasion that I drink "pop", it will be Dr. Pepper, although if I am desperate, I can drink cherry coke. No diet pop for me thank you very much. I discovered some San Pellegrino lemon flavored soda that I rather like also. For alcoholic, my booze of choice , other than most wines, would be vodka. I love gimlets (I can drink that sour/bitter Roses Lime straight) and occasionally love a bloody mary also.

  • ann_t
    16 years ago

    I hardly ever make regular coffee any more. When I did, I always used a French Press and ground fresh roasted beans. We like strong dark coffee. But about 15 months ago I upgraded to a new espresso machine and that is about all we drink in the way of coffee now, starting with a cappuccino in the morning.

    Soft drink of choice is Diet Pepsi. Annie I feel the same way about diet Pepsi as you do Coke. Although I'll drink a diet coke if I don't have a choice. And other than decent wine, red and white I don't really drink any other liquors. Moe loves wine too but he also enjoys single malt scotch and very dry martinis. I have a recipe for Sangria that I really like and now that summer is here I probably make that more often.


  • msafirstein
    16 years ago

    I am a coffee drinker, in the am just plain freshly ground coffee and after 3:00 pm I switch to Lattes.

    I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper! Can't drink iced tea but hot tea is just fine. I am allergic to something in the fermenting process so 1 glass is about all the wine I can drink...drat! But I do cheat and have to have at least 1 beer at every ball game!

    And I do like my vodka martini and Perfect Rob Roy both up with a twist and double blue cheese olive.

  • craftyrn
    16 years ago

    I'm a tea drinker-- hubby does coffee, not any of the flavored stuff tho--he likes beer & JD ( with water )---I like wine and BV ( with water )--he likes the diet sodas-- only soda I drink is occassionally a cream soda or 7 UP or grapefruit. He always has 1 % milk with his meals -- I have tea or water with mine . During the summer we both enjoy Gin & tonics .

  • scott55405
    16 years ago

    I like a nice strong coffee in the morning. At work we have Starbucks "Seattle Blend" (only avail to commercial customers) that I love. Vienna Roast, which we also have, doesn't really cut it for me.

    Coffee in this house is made by percolator ONLY!! That said, I have a feeling I'd like the French Press but have never gotten round to buying one to try it. I have graduated from Folger's to beans that I grind in a burr grinder. Mostly Starbucks French Roast lately, since I've had a backlog of gift cards since Christmas. I just bought some Ethiopia Sidamo, but have not tried it yet. I had some from a friend's sister's coffee roaster/shop in Northern Cal. It was quite good and I will send away to her for some more after I use up my gift cards.

    I like tea, but often just plain forget about it since making coffee is so automatic for me. I also like iced tea, plain and sweetened with "the pink stuff." (LOL) I usually have Twinings English Breakfast to drink hot, and store brand decaf (Lipton I expect) for iced.

    I usually have Diet Sprite and Caff. Free Diet Coke in the house, and drink water a fair bit (bottled Safeway, nothing fancy).

    I also like fruit smoothies from the Vitamix, though they generally replace a meal when I've had a big lunch, for example, or perhaps on a smaller scale with breakfast.

  • Bizzo
    16 years ago

    Great Thread!

    I don't drink caffeine, and If I'm going to spend my beverage calories, I'll usually wait for alchohol LOL!, so most of the time I drink water, or diet caffeine-free soda - I love diet polar orange!! I've recently been turned on to Pomegranite juice, and use it with diet sprite, or with vodka (peach vodka, pom and cranberry, bit of triple sec... yum!!)

    I do drink decaf coffee... and I have a grinder, and a french press, and an auto-drip, and a POD machine (a home cafe). I don't really like flavored coffees cause if I'm going to have amaretto coffee I'd rather have decaf with amaretto LOL!

    I'm a wine drinker (gourmand, not gourmet!! I like most wine) DH prefers fetzer gerwurtztraminer... and we are always willing to try new mixers or things...

  • stacy3
    16 years ago

    forgot to mention that thanks to Weed, I love that blasted hpnotiq!!!! I mix it about half and half with club soda. It's so refreshing.

  • KatieC
    16 years ago

    Caffeine first thing...that's my only 'must-have'. If I'm at home it's a quad Americano with cream and sugar or splenda. Then I'm good, though we often order lattes in the late morning and there's always a pot of coffee on at work.

    I like white wines and an occasional mixed drink...whiskey or rum, not vodka or gin unless it's mixed in something like a Long Island iced tea. And I try to drink enough soda.

    The rest is seasonal. In the winter we like Barn Burners (hot cider with a shot of rum or Capt. Morgan's), hot teas, hot toddies, etc. And I make an orange chocolate cream liqueur during the holidays...we go through a lot of that in our coffee.

    Summer is for Margaritas and maybe a foo-foo tropical concoction once in awhile. Iced tea, plain. Beer only if it's really, really hot and the beer's really, really cold (same goes for Pepsi for that matter). I've been saving the Orange Blossom Pilsner that gardengrl sent me last swap for a hot day when I'm home and working outside...looks like it'll be this weekend, we're going to hit 90.

  • mustangs81
    16 years ago

    You want to hear boring??

    I had a cup of coffee once---May, 1976.

    Two months ago I went cold turkey and stopped a four diet Pepsi a day habit. Now it's eight glasses of iced tea, usually flavored teas like raspberry, peach, and green tea.

    I will order chick drinks when I have to but I'm not an informed drinker so I have to practice ordering before getting to the bar.

  • lori316
    16 years ago

    If I'm drinking, it's usually either bottled water or alcohol. Never coffee. In the winter, tea. Got some awesome stuff in the last swap from Debbie (Thank you!!!!)

    I stay away from red wines (give me migraines). Pinot Grigio is always good.

    Just hanging out (my "chick drink") I'll probably grab a raspberry Twister. Love those things.

    Not necessarily a summer drink, but I'll never pass up a Baileys, by far my favorite drink.

  • bubbeskitchen
    16 years ago

    We drink coffee; DH likes his black, I take milk, no flavors! He likes Starbucks, not me!
    Tea is usually strong and unflavored too. I'll experiment with non-scented herbals, greens, blacks.
    As for alcohol, I like vodka, tequila, sour mash, ports, some liquers, red and white wines, especially viognets,pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, shiraz, pinot noir, cabs
    when all else fails we'll drink non-fat milk! :)

  • paulines
    16 years ago

    lol Mustangs!

  • homesforsale
    16 years ago

    Not that I am in Exchanges ..but..
    I have one cafe au lait in the am/ w/ froth and cinnamon.
    I enjoy..Numi Blooming Teas..
    Forte new favorites,,the presentation alone makes me happy.Like Numi.. Except these are daintier.
    I love red wine.
    If someone makes me a Virgin Ceasar..yay!

    Hmm I guess if someone makes me something ..I will like it.. i.e Pisco sours(Our Chilean friends).. Margaritas..(a childhood friend..) etc..

    But on a day to day..

    Cafe au lait.. San Plellegrino..Diet Tonic..OJ..
    Red wine.

  • lowspark
    16 years ago

    .... and here's another previous swap thread with good info.

  • robinkateb
    16 years ago

    I dod not participate in this swap so I am going to answer now.

    I drink coffee, that we grind ourselves. Never flavored beans. We do like some tea as well but we get it sent from DH's dad in England. it takes us about 8 years to use what for them is a 1 month supply, LOL.

    I don't like any dark sodas and I don't really love light ones either. I do drink some juice but rarely, i don't like wasting calories on drinks. I do really enjoy flavored seltzer, but not the ones that are sweetened.

    I love hot chocolate, DH and i often have a mug in the evening. I am intrigued by the many cool flavors out there like chile hot cocoa etc. However I like the flavors to be real not artificial.


  • arandygail
    16 years ago

    I drink a lot of water and an occasional diet soda. My husband is addicted to coffee, but I don't care for it at all. I do drink iced tea on occasion. I like white wine. Everyone in the family likes fruit juices.

  • robinkateb
    16 years ago

    Oh yeah, we love wine, mostly slightly sweeter whites like a good riesling. We do not like chardonnay. We also enjoy reds, shiraz, merlot, zinfandel.

    DH loves most beer and I like some. I love Sea Dog's blueberry wheat ale, we bring it back form Maine whenever we can. We also like other alcohol, gin and tonic, dark and stormys, sangria. No hypnotic though, we tried it his summer and neither of us liked it.


  • msrevise
    16 years ago

    I drink water, coffee (half-caf!), tea (strong!, green and black). Don't like sweetened drinks or sodas. Drink lots of wine, mostly Bordeaux, Rhones, and chardonnay (we prefer dry).

  • triciae
    16 years ago

    I'm addicted to Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and I'm afraid I'm responsible for DH drinking the stuff as well. He's a coffee cup in the morning of Dunkin' Donuts. In the summer he might have one of their foo-foo iced coffee things. I've never had coffee. I do drink tea and prefer the herbal or fruit flavored teas. I will drink green tea as a last resort. We also both enjoy ice tea in the summer.

    Oh, I forgot to mention on the other thread a fruit thing. I like all fruit but can't have anything grapefuit related (Lar's post reminded me). It counteracts with one of my medicines so I can't have any grapefruit.

    DH has an occasional beer and enjoys a glass of red wine with dinner once in a while. He doesn't drink any other alcoholic drinks. I don't drink anything alcoholic...not even wine. I've never tasted beer. I've never had a mixed drink. I'm like Annie with the wine...I just don't like it although I use it in cooking...just don't want to drink a glass of the stuff.

    I occassionally go on a water binge but normally I don't drink as much water as I should. I refuse to spend money on designer waters. There's nothing wrong with our tap water...I just prefer my Pepsi which I'm sipping on constantly. :(

    We both drink some cranberry juice and I use some juice in cooking but mostly we eat the fruit and stay away from the juices. Neither of us drink anything like Crystal Light or other powdered drink mixes...can't say we don't like them...haven't ever tried any of them.

  • alison
    16 years ago

    I still have a cup of coffee in the moring with my father when I visit my parents, but other than that I've quite coffee.

    Haven't found a tea I like; black tea is too tannic, green tea tastes like nothing. I have a mint tea I like occasionally, and sometimes in the winter I fix warm milk with cardomom and clove and other spices. Chai is nice.

    Not much of a wine drinker, but I'm far too fond of mild American beer. Love vodka, and have a few infused types in the freezer. I have a lot of fruit juice/concentrates in the fridge I mix with vodka or seltzer depending on my mood.

  • coronabarb
    16 years ago

    I'm caffeine-intolerant (it does serious things to my brain!) so only decaf coffee and tea for me. I mostly drink water but also love hot cocoa and spiced cider in the winter. Not an alcohol drinker either.

  • sally2_gw
    15 years ago

    I have a cup or a glass of water with me at all times, and sip on it all day. It's tap water from the fountain at work, and filtered water at home.

    I have to start my day with coffee - just Folgers (I like their containers) made strong, with a small splash of milk.

    At work, besides water, I'll drink hot tea in the winter. There's no coffee available there, but there is a microwave, so I keep tea bags there each winter. It's funny - when we exchange Christmas gifts at work, someone always gives me a box of flavored teas. I do like them, but I'm getting quite a collection since I don't seem to manage to use them up before the next Christmas. LOL I'm still trying to grasp the concept that green tea would be anything but diet. (from a previous post) It doesn't have many, if any calories, does it?

    I do drink wine and an occasional beer, but am afraid of the calories in beer. I'm not well versed enough in wines to even know what I like, but I do know I like both red and white wines. I don't even know how to spell the name of the red wine we usually buy - Cabernet sauv....? Another red I've liked is Merlot. As for whites, I like Pino Grigio, I've tasted some Chardonney's that I like, and some I hated. I like sauv.... blanc. I need to try some more wines to find out if I like them or not. I don't know anything about mixed drinks, and I'm afraid to find out.

    One of my silly pleasures is (blushing sheepishly) chocolate milk. Yes, I actually like to drink Nestles Quick. It's that chocoholic thing.


  • deanna1949
    15 years ago

    Big coffee drinker here. Just regular, not flavored. Also ice tea, hot tea (not herb or fruity), and lots of water. Also an occasional diet soda. (and hot chocolate, in season.)

    Pretty boring. No alcohol. YUK!

  • Virginia7074
    15 years ago

    I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning - Sumatra that I buy by the pound from Adam, my favorite local independent roaster. Good coffee, good conversation, good sale. Otherwise, I drink mainly water and an occasional Diet Coke. Dairy farming is in my genes, so I do like milk - skim or (blushing along with Sally up there) Nestles Quik. I also like an occasional glass of that really thick store-bought chocolate milk.

    Now for the alcoholic beverages. I prefer red wine (for the health benefits, dontcha know), favorite is Merlot. Also like Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Zinfandel sometimes. I prefer sweeter whites, like Reisling and Pinot Grigio. Icewine, too. Not real fond of Chardonnay, but I WILL drink it! Gin and tonic is good, sour apple martinis are good, margaritas are good. This may disgust some of you, but I also like Pernod, Ouzo and Sambuco.

  • dgkritch
    15 years ago

    Coffee, just coffee with half n half. Till 6pm.
    Milk with dinner.
    Maybe a glass of white or blush wine or water with my popcorn in the evening.
    Very little of anything else.

  • phyllis_philodendron
    15 years ago

    Nothing with caffeine, since it bothers my IBD and I'm nursing.No alchohol either, I'm not a big drinker and can't remember the last time I had an alcholic drink (although a fuzzy navel wine cooler sounds good right about now :

  • lowspark
    15 years ago

    valuable swap information

  • msprettyky
    15 years ago

    Love my coffee in the morning. Prefer bold and smooth. Millstone fog lifter is one of my favorites! Lots of cream and raw sugar.
    In the winter months I have a tendency to drink coke in the afternoon and in summer I drink lots of water with lemon.
    Evenings, wine would be my drink of choice, any time of year! :)
    Like sweets to semi sweet. Lambrusco, alice white - alexia,
    riesling, and a number of wines I have tried at local wineries I have visited over the years.

  • goldgirl
    9 years ago

    Bumping this up for the swap!

  • riverrat1
    9 years ago

    My old post on this thread makes me LOL. Now we both drink as much wine as we can into our bodies in as short of a time as possible ;-) I also have cut the coffee down to one cup in the mornings. I love these old posts!

  • goldgirl
    9 years ago

    Lol me too, riverrat - less coffee and more wine. For health, of course!

  • centralcacyclist
    9 years ago

    I drink one cup of coffee a day, maybe. Sometimes I decide to have none. I grind my beans as I brew and make one cup of drip coffee as I live alone. If I have company I make a larger drip pot of coffee.

    I drink dry white wine over reds. Though reds sneak their way in if they are not overly tannic. I have learned to appreciate spirits on their own vs in mixed drinks but those are infrequent indulgences. I lean toward non-sugary mixed drinks if I have any. I'm a lightweight.

    Otherwise I drink water. I'm not a tea drinker (those tannins again). I do drink weak Genmai Cha sometimes.

    I never drink sodas like Pepsi, Coke, or 7-Up. I like Orangina and similar drinks but rarely think to buy them.


  • coconut_nj
    9 years ago

    It was fun reading all of this, especially since it goes back to '06. That first post of Lars with the cherry cream soda...yummmy.

    I only consume coffee if it's ice cream, Kahlua or some other dessert. I like tea, black, green, but not any spiced teas. Really dislike mint too.

    Mostly I drink flavored unsweetened seltzer, iced tea or lemonade. Occasionally I'll have a fruit soda, but I find them too sweet these days so I mix them with my seltzer.

    Alcohol? Not really. Don't like wine as a rule. I can deal with a little champagne or Asti. Will drink vodka, that Kahlua making it a Black Russian. Smiles. I can go several years or more without having any alcohol. Last year I turned my current [at the time] vodka into vanilla. This fall an old friend from high school came to visit and brought a bottle of vodka. I had 2 light Cape Cods and when he left I turned the Svedka into vanilla. LOL.

    In winter in the evening we either have hot tea or hot cocoa often. I do love hot chocolate made with cocoa or even a nice chocolate bar.

  • gwlolo
    9 years ago

    So interesting reding all the old posts.. I am not too fond of coffee. I find Starbucks and other American coffees too dark roasted). Like barnmom, I prefer whites over reds. Not a big alcohol drinker. Love love hot chocolate ..especially the European varieties. I like cream sodas and nice ginger beer when I can find its but loathe licorice tasting drinks. I make my own chai mix.

  • Lars
    Original Author
    9 years ago

    This was very nostalgic to read again!

    Kevin is now drinking blonde roast coffee! Does anyone else drink that? I'm not sure how he found out about it, but it was probably a promo at the coffee shop where he buys his coffee beans. We have a mini-coffee machine that makes supposedly four cups of coffee, but that is the equivalent of two medium sized mugs. Last week-end Kevin wanted to go to Kohls to buy new coffee mugs because I had broken the handles on the two that were my favorites, but I made him go to a thrift store instead, and we found a much better selection. He found four matching ones that he liked, and I got a new mug plus a hand-blown glass tumbler (blue and clear).