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Avast and McAfee

14 years ago

A couple of hours ago, my McAfee picked up two Trojans trying to download and zapped them. Being neurotic, I decided to run Malwarebytes, and it found a couple more pieces of malware that I think were related to the stuff that McAfee caught. I deleted them, rebooted, and did a second Malwarebytes scan, and turned up a couple more (I think they came back from the dead!). After deletion and re-booting, a third Malwarebytes scan showed no more items...but I'm still a little concerned. I would like to run a scan with something else, like Avast, but know I can't have it running along with McAfee. If I don't want to uninstall McAfee, can I temporarily disable it and then install and run Avast to see what happens? My OS is Vista.

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