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So Bill...Mongo...if I were going to go to tile school...

15 years ago

Ok this is a total whim and maybe dream question...but I'm thinking if we do pick up this house (a 9 or 10 bath home in need of LOTS of tile) I might think it was fun....heh heh to do some of the tile myself (shower pans left to experts). But I don't want to just read a book and DIY...I once, long ago read about a tile school for professionals. I think it was either 3 or 5 weeks long, back east...does that ring a bell to you? And if so, what would you think of this kooky idea?

I'm not going to be a pro, this is purely for me to play with a passion you idiots inspired...but I also don't want to do a botch job on this because the house is an investment. Would it be a crazy idea???? And is there one you'd recommend if I did do it?

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