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What Not to Forget on Pre-Closing Walk-Through

8 years ago

I'm so excited! Closing on my new house is only two weeks away, which means the walk-through is coming soon. I've been walking through and making notes of things since April, so I've probably caught most things already (most recent was a bad creak under the tile by the bathtub that they've already fixed, and I noticed they've taken care of a lot of the minor cosmetic issues without my even bringing them up yet). Because we've been watching so closely, we're not going to hire an inspector until the 10 month point, when other issues have had time to come out, so they can get resolved before the warranty is up. Meanwhile, I want to make sure I don't forget anything important in the walk-through. Bearing in mind that I've already brought up the obvious issues, here's where I'm planning to focus. Am I forgetting anything?

Bring bag of microwave popcorn to test nuker, turn on stove/oven, and run a full cycle on the dishwasher. I'll also test the water dispenser on the fridge, but the workers have apparently been testing it already and are storing their ice in the freezer, so I'm pretty confident in the fridge.

Start all faucets and let them run for a while to check pressure and also leaks. Flush all toilets multiple times.

Take off shoes and walk around in socks to more easily catch floor problems, and get down on the floor to check for flaws from that level.

Use strong flashlight to check for painting issues etc. (I already noticed one where they had to repair the ceiling after they screwed up the cooking vent which I didn't notice until I took a flash picture).

Open and close all windows, doors, cabinets, etc.

Make sure shelves are mounted securely.

I've already checked all the outlets with a tester and tried all the lights so I only need to recheck two.

Hopefully that covers it, but I welcome any suggestions for anything I might have missed there. Bear in mind, I've already been through pretty much every nook and cranny of the house already so I expect the final list to be very small.

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