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Has Anyone Moved / Relocated A Toilet in a Small Bathroom? PICS!

14 years ago

Thinking about putting an offer on a house with a really small master bathroom. Beside it being small, I don't like the layout.

The current owner took the door off to probably save space and put up an accordian door-hate it. But what bothers me more is that the toilet is right at the doorway.

In order to consider this house, I need to find out how much it may run, along with how much is involved in moving the toilet where the vanity/sink is and moving the vanity/sink over to where the toilet is.

Below are pics of the bathroom - unfortunately, I can't say how big (or small) the bathroom size is, but it's not big at all, as you can see. I did measure the vanity that's in there, it is 3'5" The blurry pic is just of the shower with a shower curtain. I'd like to put up a glass enclosure to open the shower stall up, something similar to the picture I found below:

Any and all suggestions, pictures if you have, are greatly appreciated!

Second bathroom needs to be redone as well, if anyone wants to take a stab at that too, pictures follow as well.


Master bathroom

View of bathroom from bedroom


2nd bathroom

The vanity in the 2nd bathroom is 6'10" - way too long and a waste of space IMHO.

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