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Anyone have bathroom functions outside the bathroom?

13 years ago

OK, it sounds like a wierd question, but I think about all the English houses I've been in with sinks in the bedrooms, and the old victorian houses with a pitcher and bowl on a table, and now I'm wondering, with five of us and two baths, how could this be useful? (One of the baths is in an inconvenient location, so more often than not, it's a 5-1 ratio).

Does anybody have a makeup table in their dressing area instead of in their bath?

It just seems to me, we are still a couple of years out from adding our master bath, but in the meantime, there are still things I could do to lighten the traffic jam. I have a dressing area off my closet, and I'm seriously thinking of just adding a light, table, mirror, and a little storage. Maybe a box of hand wipes to get makeup/mousse off my hands. Does anybody else have a set up like this they enjoy? Or other suggestions?

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