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Need countertop oven...please help me decide

Mary Readel
14 years ago

Our kitchen is small, and the previous owners remodeled it and put in a gas cooktop and an Advantium oven. I am still getting used to the Advantium, but miss having a conventional oven for low, slow heat cooking, baking, etc. I would like to get a countertop oven and have been researching the options. I've read about the Waring Pro Convection oven, and like that it can be used in Bake or Convect mode. But some have had complaints about it. I've also read about the Cadco Convection oven, which everyone seems happy with. But, I don't know if you can use it without the convection going all the time?

Do any of you have either of these ovens and can tell me how you like them, and if the Cadco has a Bake mode, w/o convection? Also, are there any other options out there? Thank you in advance, I appreciate any and all replies!