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Front Porch: rail or no rail?

13 years ago

Hello. We are trying to make a decision on our front porch. We have the choice of going with no rails and leave it like it is or put up some sort of railing. Code in NC says if it is over 30" above grade then we would need rails. We are right at 30" so with landscaping we should be fine.

We like the way it looks without the rails. Our only concern is the left side of the porch is kind of high. It may be only 30" off the ground but it slopes down immediately to our neighbors driveway. We are afraid if someone falls off the porch, they could hurt themselves on the neighbors cement driveway.

What do you guys think? Here are some pictures for reference:

From Weycroft House
From Weycroft House
From Weycroft House

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