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Bill V or Mongo -- help with the caulk vs grout issue

15 years ago

Somehow, during that long period of construction, I never noticed/focused on the issue of using caulk and not grout where the tile changes planes. I've been in the house for two months now, and as far as I can tell, none of the corners/plane changes are caulked. It's grout everywhere, and some of it is already starting to crack.

So I had my contractor and his tile guy over to look at it. The GC says they don't use caulk because it always shrinks and looks ugly. He reminds me I have a 12 month warranty, and every time I find a grout crack, they'll come out to fix it.

Then the tile guy says he's going to "prime" the grout where it's already cracked, and go over it with a layer of caulk. Except I thought I read on here that putting caulk on top of grout is a no-no?

Then there's the issue of the outcorner done with 4 inch listells has a ragged, quarter inch grout joint. The tile guy painted over the grout with white porcelain paint, which has started to chip, so it wouldn't be as noticable. Am I going to have problems in the future with this joint, if the grout starts to crack?

Here's the corner:

What about my steam shower? They encased the whole room with Redguard, but it doesn't look like any of the edges, corners, joints have been caulked. I haven't found any cracking here yet, though (I did find a lot of grout still on the tiles in the corners, which I hadn't noticed before).

Is what they are proposing to do OK? Help!


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