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Trevor; Capital Range Owners:What is Happening to my range?

12 years ago

First let me just update you, we are moving. Yes, I'm leaving my beloved kitchen. So, I have been cleaning like crazy before the agent visits.

My Capital Precision Range was bought in 2009, it is 36", self clean.

I just told my dh, I think I'll give the range a good old fashioned once over. Horrors! What is going on? Is the paint at the Capital factory bad?

A few weeks ago, I asked if I could throw my grates in the oven when doing a self clean because I had noticed they looked unusually "dirty", or off color. Kind of gray. (Trevor did say "NO" to that question) So tonight when I was doing the approved method of cleaning them (not in the oven, btw), I realized that the white substance was indeed not something ON the grate, but rather it is where the paint is missing!

Then, after the grates were all cleaned and sitting on the counter drying, I moved on to the black discs. OMG, the paint is coming off and I see copper coloring under it! L@@K:

And as if that isn't bad enough, L@@K at this one! It is rough, it's as if the metal got so hot it melted! This one is terrible. It looks corroded!

Anybody else ever see this? Trevor? Should I just call Capital, or better yet send an email with the photos?

The kitchen is being photographed for Better Homes & Garden's Kitchen & Bath Makeover magazine, perhaps that would encourage them to replace them, since they will be sighted as the source for the range!



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