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Capital Lemon: both range and customer service are lacking

11 years ago

I know most people that have them are happy, but I have a different situation. Since I got my Capital range in May of '11, I've had continuous problems. There have been several attempts to fix a rattling latch vent fan that works itself loose, including 3 individual fan/motor units, two of which were also defective. The oven was defective from the very start, and when it was finally fixed, that lasted less than a year. In March of 2012, the problem returned. It was eventually "fixed" in April, but now the same problem is back yet again, and this time there are also a couple of new ones: The motorized rotisserie no longer works - and I used it exactly one time, a year ago, to roast one chicken. Now the rotisserie motor is dead. Additionally, the oven has taken to randomly locking itself (as if it's in self-clean mode) when broiling. And it won't unlock for a good 20 minutes. That ruined a couple of expensive pieces of meat.

The worst part? In each of these instances, Capital customer service did nothing at all until I posted here about it. In each case it took many weeks, emails, calls and the last resort - public posts - to get Capital to begin addressing the issue.

The same this time: I wrote Capital a detailed email on November 1st, 2012 and got a response on November 13th after I sent them a reminder. Bob informed me that they're working on the problem but Surjit is ill so there's a delay. That's the last I've heard from them, despite two other emails I sent since. Over a month with no action whatsoever. I'm very sorry that Surjit is not well and wish him a quick recovery, but a company can't cease to function because one person is out.

It pains me to have to make this a public matter again, but I have had no success getting help from Capital any other way. This is the most expensive appliance I've ever bought, and it's a lemon. I understand that it can happen to any company, but what matters is how that company deals with the problem once they're made aware of it. Capital is simply not doing anything. After the one response on November 13th they haven't done anything, nor told me when I can expect them to take action. Thanksgiving went by (we moved it to a relative's house) and now Christmas is around the corner. Not a great time to have a range that randomly starts making noises like an old diesel truck or locks itself. I really hope someone at Capital reads this and does something. I want to love my Capital like so many here do, but I got a bad apple. I anyone has another suggestion, please let me know. I thank you in advance.

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