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(Long)Bedrooms divided between two stories?

14 years ago

Hello all,

During general design discussions regarding a planned addition to our house, it was suggested that we do a horizontal addition and put a second story directly above the addition, with a master suite. While I think that the idea would be fine for a family with grown up kids, we do not think that it can work with us since we have a baby who has to sleep on the same level as us. (This issue can be partially resolved by having a den at Master level and temporarily using it as a nursery).

I began to wonder how this idea of having two bedrooms downstairs AND two bedrooms upstairs appeals to the large audience here?

For me personally, I am in two minds. On the one hand, we would like to have at least one bed+ba on the main level, because when we have guests visiting, we want our space :-)

Also when we entertain families with little kids (which is something we do often), when kids have their little naptimes etc, it helps to have a bedroom on the main level. But do I need two?

I could possibly use second bedroom as home office, but that is just me. Also since we have only one kid, and none more are planned, we will be ok with only one extra room on the master level. But what about others?

I know that the other extreme is to have all the bedrooms on the same level. In our area, given our zoning rules I am not sure if this would be feasible; therefore that option is out. Basically, the footprint of lower level will have to be bigger than the higher level, per my understanding.....

Also, I might add that in the area where I live, majority of the people who move in do so for the sake of schools, i.e. have schoolgoing kids. Therefore there is not much chance that the next owner of this house will be an empty nester or a DINK couple.

Any thoughts, on this plan working or not working?

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