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Give me some ideas for redoing my bathroom please!?!

15 years ago

I have a 1930's house (old for Eugene Oregon) that I'm redoing the bathroom in. I had a fire in the living room and will be out of the house for three months so i figure it's time to redo it. I've never done a project like this before so I'm here looking for some help.

I did a rough sketch to scale (mostly) of my bathroom. The measurements probably aren't 100% accurate but are within inches and most are measured from edge of stud to edge of stud.

IF possible I would like to have a separate tiled shower and calwfoot tub as well as the obvious sink and toilette. I have no need for a huge sink and don't mind skimping there. Also creative and funky are not out of the question at all.

The clawfoot i have is a Kohler Anniversary slipper back (that i got for a steal on craigslist - $250). Size: 72" L x 37 1/2" W x 21 1/2" H. I like the idea of having the tub up on a 6" or so elevated platform if i can get it to look right but room might just be too small for that

The shower i would like to do would be about 48" inner length and about 32 or so inches wide.

Not picky with sink or toilette (but would like one that is a bit taller since i'm 6'6".

Image available at

The red in the picture is the underside of the stairs going to the second floor so is basically unusable except for storage

The blue area is the current closet for the master bedroom that I am seriously considering removing to make bathroom bigger (closet will be relocated to other wall and be larger/walk in).

I'm not super familiar with code and everything and realize it's different anywhere. Any suggestion as to where to locate things would be great. I'll be having my pipes replaced under the floor so it's a pretty blank canvas.

Thanks very much if anyone replies

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