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Help me remodel my tiny bathroom please!

14 years ago

I've been talking about re-doing my bathroom for 3 years, but I haven't done anything because I'm so confused and overwhelmed at all the choices. I've read through the forum and I've seen so many great ideas I'm hoping you can help me.

My bathroom is like a small powder room, but it is the main bathroom for my family of 5. We plan to gut it.

This is what I know:

- I want a vanity, and will have to have someone make it (I currently have one that was clearly homemade) since the space is small and has to accommodate the door opening.

- I don't think I can rearrange the placement of fixtures because the tub will only fit in one place and I need a tub for the kids.

- I'm seriously considering tiling the walls at least halfway to keep it very cleanable. If there's tile in the shower and behind the sink anyway, there's very little extra space to tile - just behind the toilet and a bit beside it, so it shouldn't be too much more $.

This is what I don't know:

- everthing else!

- What tiles for the floor and wall? I like white, but is plain white too stark? I don't like the white/grey marbled look, my mom has it and I think it's too stark to have it everywhere.

- If I do go with white tiles, then what would I do for a countertop? What kind of material is best? And what could I choose that wouldn't be too strong and would keep a fairly neutral look? I love colour, but I think the room is too small and I don't want to hate it 5 years from now.

- what kind of lighting? Beside the mirror? Above it?

- I saw a photo that had a very shallow storage tower thing built on top of the vanity and it seems like it would be very useful, but then would it seem too claustrophobic in a small bathroom? And then I couldn't have a vanity, it would just have to be a mirror?

AAAAH! Help! Please.

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