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Printer won't print

IÂve made a mess of things and I need help.

In my haste to cancel a print document in queue, I inadvertently deleted my printer. IÂve tried various fixes in assorted order to correct the situation but my printer still doesnÂt print documents from WordPad, Notepad, Lotus 1-2-3 or Word. It also does not print test pages I send from the computer. It will print the test page that I initiate on the printer itself.

I have a 3 month old HP Pavillion a1610n running XP Media Center Edition 2005; SP2 is installed. McAfee is also installed and I get auto updates from McAfee and Microsoft.

My printer is an HP LaserJet 4L Â an oldie but it has been A-1 in reliability.

The new Pavilion doesnÂt have a parallel port so the printer is connected via a USB to IEEE 1284 parallel printer cable (also about 3 months old). This connection has worked wonderfully from the beginning. Along with the converter cable I also received a disc of drivers but they are for earlier versions of Windows. Built-in XP drivers made it all work at the start. In the instructions with the converter cable, however, it advised that one could see if the cable was working by going into the device manager - under USB controllers I should see "USB printing support". Since everything worked well earlier, I didnÂt bother to check this. Now, however, I do not see this and am suspicious that this is root of my problem.

I have tried to both delete and configure the "virtual printer port for USB" (USB001) to which my printer is assigned but the system wonÂt allow me to do either.

Among the various procedures I have tried are:

Unplug the printer power cord and USB cable converter (both ends)

Delete the LaserJet 4L printer from "Printers and Faxes"

Delete the LaserJet4L from "Server Properties"

Delete cookies

Delete Temporary Internet Files (including offline)

Shut down the computer

Restart computer

Plug in printer power cord

Plug in the USB end of the converter cable (the other end is NOT yet into the printer)

There is NO prompt that says "Found New Hardware"

Attach parallel end of cable to printer

Allow computer to automatically install printer - it forces me to select (there is an entry for the LaserJet 4L in Windows XP)

Printer is installed on USB001 (not LPT1)

IÂve also tried the USB port where I normally use the JumpDrive with no success.

The night before my troubles began I had defraged the computer.

I have system restored to the day before I originally deleted the printer but this didnÂt change anything as far as the current printer problem.

I have added no new programs, hardware, etc. recently.

Any ideas?

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