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Help Needed - How much trouble am I in?

12 years ago

Without a lot of background, I learned there truly is a first time for everything. I've used a computer for over 20 years and always had a beverage nearby.

This morning, I had the architect's lamp on the desk set a bit too low, and when I swung the lamp to reduce the light level a bit, it bumped my glass spilling water all over my wife's laptop keyboard.

Immediately, I unplugged the mouse, external keyboard, etc. and turned it upside down to drain as much out as I could. Then, I put her hairdryer on a gentle cycle and used it to dry out the interior as much as I could. I removed the hard drive and battery, and opened the RAM access area. Applied more heat and now have the "culprit" architect's lamp attempting to dry any possible remaining moisture.

Is there any hope it will recover? If so, how long should I wait before I attempt to fire it up again.

Thanks for your input.

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