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Gagg combi-steam oven - plumbed/unplumbed? new/old models?

13 years ago

I have been eyeing the new 30" Gagg combi-steam oven for our whole kitchen remodel, but scared off by the price tag. Today I found last year's 24" floor model on clearance for nearly 1/2 the price of the new 30". It was the plumbed version and had been used for demos but looked in great shape. I almost bought the thing on the spot but thought I'd better ask some questions here first :)

Plumbed vs. unplumbed? What is better? Those of you with ovens with a water reservoir, do they bug you? We have very hard water here; will we be better off with an unplumbed version and putting filtered water in it?

Will this thing look stupid in my kitchen? I will be getting a different brand as I can't afford two Gaggs, and my other oven will be 30".

Basically, I like the look and controls of the new 30" better but am not sure it is worth an extra $2500. This floor model could be the difference between me getting a combi-steam/convection oven duo, and just two regular convection ovens. Thoughts?

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