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Can't decide on 36-inch Capital or 30-inch GE Cafe range

13 years ago

We need to decide on appliances now to move forward and finalize cabinet layout.

We've sort of come full circle with our range...

Frist we were thinking 36-inch with grill and after researching decided not to get the grill, and thought maybe 6-burners, then thought, ok, how often will we use 6 burners and bumped down to the 30-inch/5 burner GE Cafe.

I thought we were set but since this isn't really something we can easily change later I wondering if we should just go for the 36-inch.

My husband really likes the look and feel of the Capital over the GE, its more the 'cool' factor over function at this point.

The cost difference is about $1600.

Any advice?

Anyone debate this go with one or the other and then regret the decision?

thx in advance!

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