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Can I mix wood finishes in daughter's bathroom?

14 years ago

To the left as you enter my dd's bathroom I am going to have a 36 inch sink vanity on one wall with the toilet beside of it. Looking straight ahead will be the tub. To the right across from the sink is an alcove that is about 24 inches deep and 4 and a half feet wide. In the alcove we want to build a tower of shelves for linen and have a 36 inch counter for doing makeup, etc. This will likely be built of wood and painted white. We may or may not put a cabinet door on the linen shelves.

Today we saw a dark wood sink vanity that we like. It has a white marble top and white sink. The tile will be black and white on the floors and in the shower/tub. Will it look funny to have two different finishes?

Another option I have is to case the alcove and put doors on it. I just have to make sure that would pass code since that area will have to have electrical outlets and be lit.

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