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A rant on SEARS

13 years ago

I bought a new washer/dryer (Bosch Axxis, 24") from Sears. After a few delays, they delivered the units today but would not bring them into my basement. They said they are not allowed to pick up anything any higher than their knees, and since the space is tight, that there was a possibility that they might scratch the sides. So, unless I signed a waiver releasing them from any liability to damage, they would not bring them to my basement.

Can you believe it!!?? I have a 24" washer down there now, so I know it's possible to fit the pieces down the stairs!

They've left them in my dining room. I'm going to ask my contractor to stop by and bring them down for us and hook up. From there, I'm going to go back to Sears and raise hell for paying a delivery fee and having this experience (and nevermind the fact that I have to now pay AGAIN to get the old out and the new down there!!).

I will never shop there again.

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